Sealing Machines (151 companies found)

The pharmaceutical, commercial, food and beverage, medical device and retail industries require cost-effective, efficient and customizable sealing machines as part of their production or assembly line. The companies listed in this category design, manufacture, distribute and integrate a wide spectrum of sealing machines with varying speeds, configurations and capacities. The types of sealing machines offered by these companies include: pouch sealers, blister sealers, clamshell sealers, tabletop sealing machines, impulse sealing machines, and vertical and horizontal sealing machines. Many of the companies listed below offer custom designs of their sealing machines to better fit your particular packaging needs. Click one of the links below to view that company’s various sealing machines and products, to search its website for more technical information regarding their sealing machinery, and to locate phone and email contact information.

  • Sonics & Materials, Inc.

    Since 1969, Sonics & Materials, Inc. has been a world-class manufacturer of plastics assembly systems, tooling and components. Ultrasonic welding, packaging, staking and inserting machines in the 40, 30, 20 and 15 kHz frequencies (400-4500 watts) with digital controls. Hand held systems,...
  • Wrapade Packaging Systems , LLC

    We manufacture Vertical and Horizontal four-side seal pouch machines for the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Industries.
  • Pak-Rapid Inc

    Manufactures validatable vertical and horizontal form,fill and seal packaging equipment for the medical product and pharmaceutical industries. The reliable, economical and simple to operate machines produce a four sided seal package for either peel seal packaging or three sided to make your own...
  • Vinatoru Enterprises Inc

    Packaging and Automation
  • Atlas Vac Machine, LLC

    Medical Device Tray Sealer: Whether you require a tray sealer, tooling nests or field service calibration, the engineers and technicians at Atlas Vac Machine are considered some of the most knowledgeable in the industry. Atlas Vac sealers are available with: Direct Down-Force Measurement, Auto Electric Shuttle...
  • Inter Tech Supplies Inc

  • Aspect Automation

    Aspect Automation designs and builds custom automated manufacturing equipment for leaders in life sciences, industrial components, and consumer products. We provide innovative build-to-print and system integration services, and specialize in engineering to increase manufacturing efficiency. We...
  • Leister Technologies LLC

    Leister laser plastic welding expands the possibilities of plastic assembly. From small batch processing and research systems to turnkey laser welding systems, the company offers a complete line of equipment that can fulfill most laser welding requirements.
  • Sealed Air Corporation

    Sealed Air is a leading global manufacturer of a wide range of high performance fresh food, protective and specialty packaging products. Reaching nearly 80 percent of the world’s population, Sealed Air’s widely recognized and respected brands include Bubble Wrap® cushioning, Cryovac® performance...
  • Pioneer Adhesive Products