MMC Packaging Equipment Ltd.

2030, Boul. Dagenais Ouest
Laval, QC H7L 5W2

About MMC Packaging Equipment Ltd.

For over two decades MMC has been designing, assembling and supplying state-of-the-art turnkey automation equipment for caps & closures manufacturers. MMC Packaging is the specialist in cap lining machines (wadding machines), assembly machines, cap slitting machines, closing machines, vision system and other custom automation equipment.

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Products by MMC Packaging Equipment Ltd.

By MMC Packaging Equipment Ltd.

MMC Cap lining machines are designed and manufactured to stamp out lining material disks from rolls of material and install the disks in caps at rates up to 1200 caps/minute (depending upon cap size and design.) Types of closures: food and beverage, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical, personal... Read more »

By MMC Packaging Equipment Ltd.

MMC designs and manufactures assembly machines that can assemble 2-piece and 3-piece closures at rates up to 1200 caps/minute. Types of closures: 2-piece child resistant closures; 2-piece & 3-piece sports caps; 2-piece non-dairy creamer caps; 2-piece hinged dispensing closures for condiments;... Read more »

By MMC Packaging Equipment Ltd.

MMC designs and manufacturers cap slitting and band inverting machines that score the side wall of plastic closures either with an arched slitting blade or a cut-to-post technology. The slitting & band folding machinery can reach rates up to 1600 caps/minute. Types of Tamper-Evident closures:... Read more »

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