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Milano, 20158

About FB Balzanelli

Leader in the production of Automatic and Semi-automatic coilers, FB Balzanelli can build coilers for winding large and small diameter flexible pipes as well as create packaging and palletizing systems designed to optimize coiling, packaging and warehousing processes for various types of pipes.

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Products by FB Balzanelli

By FB Balzanelli

Coils Handling and Stacking Station - Essential for the automatic coils handling at the end of the line. Allow automatic coils stacking onto pallets at one coil every 10” rate, consequently it can handle more than one production line at a time. Read more »

By FB Balzanelli

This series is dedicated to both winding and unwinding processes on large and small drums. Meets almost any pipe manufacturer needs, therefore designed in a wide range of versions to grant flexibility in terms of features and performance. In fact this series includes models to wind or unwind... Read more »

By FB Balzanelli

The TR series was the first developed by FB Balzanelli,which is why it embodies the whole history and evolution of our automatic coilers. Famous for being the very first on the market with a configuration of two opposing reels, it stands out thanks to its wide range of configurations and... Read more »

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