OxySense Inc

13111 North Central Expressway, Suite 440
Dallas, TX 75243

About OxySense Inc

OxySense, part of the Industrial Physics family, is at the forefront of non-invasive optical oxygen measurement and permeation testing technology, serving a global clientele in the packaging industry. Pioneering with highly accurate, innovative instruments, OxySense caters to sectors including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and flexible packaging, offering solutions for oxygen headspace, dissolved oxygen, and permeation testing. Their product line is designed to ensure the integrity of clients' brands and products by providing scalable, simple, and affordable oxygen measurement systems. By enabling in-house oxygen analysis, OxySense empowers companies to control costs, ensure consistency, and manage scheduling effectively, backed by the expertise of our technical team. With OxySense's cutting-edge solutions, your company can leverage the benefits of advanced oxygen detection to enhance product quality and shelf life, demonstrating our commitment to pushing the boundaries in packaging quality and safety.

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