Priority Plastics Continues to Invest in More Capacity. More Innovation. More Solutions.

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For Immediate Release - October 2020

Priority Plastics Continues to Invest in More Capacity. More Innovation. More Solutions.

All from a single production and fabrication source.

Priority Plastics announces the acquisition and installation of new ISBM - Injection Stretch Blow Molding - production capabilities in their Portland, Indiana manufacturing facility. This patented, single-stage technology is new to the United States and exclusive to Priority Plastics, significantly increasing PET container capacity and the ability to offer unique container shapes and sizes.

The technological capabilities for Priority Plastics literally STRETCH the uses of PET materials to totally new and innovative applications and packaging uses.

From one single piece of production machinery, containers can range in size from 1-gallon to as large as a 25-gallon drum in a variety of neck shapes. The new ISBM machinery can accommodate a diverse array of consumer packaging products with speed, accuracy and an environmentally sensitive efficiency. Expanded capabilities mean the filling of more product orders - more promptly, and the servicing of an ever-widening range of innovative packing specifications.

Unique to Priority Plastics ISBM:

- New PET drums, up to 25 gal; weighing 30-50% less than HDPE and metal

- Bigger necks, rectangles, and wider container openings

- Stackable bottles

- Custom coloration

- Integrated Handles - “Handle-ware” with the same functionality as typical HDPE bottles used for milk, juices, oils, car care and more

- Ability to customize molds for a more unique and innovative package to meet and exceed branding objectives

Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing Ecosystem

PET is 100% recyclable and reusable, lighter weight and is now made using a lower carbon footprint per bottle. Our patented, exclusive technology saves up to 40% electricity and is equipped with an air regeneration system designed to recover approximately two-thirds of the high pressure blowing air. Priority Plastics continues to invest in smarter machines to help meet their sustainability goals and those of their customers.

More Container Capacity: Stretching PET Technology to New Limits

Priority Plastics' equipment investments significantly increase PET container production.

"This expansion is an investment in the future growth of Priority Plastics and is consistent with the company's corporate values that include the principles of Quality, Timeliness, Relationships and Sustainability", said D. Scott Dowrey, President of Priority Plastics. "It is a tangible measure of commitment to growing our PriorityONE partnership program - and, expands the U.S. manufacturing footprint here in the Portland, Indiana area" Dowrey added.

PriorityONE is the company’s partnering initiative that dedicates production capacity and even co-locates facilities for top-tier packaging customers.

For more information:

Contact: Stephanie Oliva, Marketing Director (720) 548-5893,

Priority Plastics provides companies with high-quality, rigid plastic packaging solutions that leverage products in a competitive marketplace with manufacturing facilities located throughout the U.S. It's our promise to deliver our absolute best through quality, timeliness, relationships and sustainability.

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