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Dorval, QC H9P 1H6

About Starview Packaging Machinery Inc

Starview Packaging Machinery, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of packaging machinery for medical device tray sealing with over 30 years of supplying standard and custom packaging systems to our customers. We design, engineer, and manufacture a comprehensive line of manual, semi-automatic, and automatic sealing machines. Available in shuttle, rotary, carousel, and inline conveyor configurations, a variety of standard and custom sealing areas are available to meet the specific requirements of customers and maximize productivity.

Starview offers many value-added features for our machines such as product sensing, printing and/or verification, hydro-pneumatic cold seal presses, robotic product loading, automatic packaging materials loading, automatic inline fold-over, finished package unloading with reject feature for non-compliant packages, RFID tooling identification and all-electric machine models. Additional features include process controls for third party validation, direct access with on-screen adjustments for critical value calibration, and an ethernet connection for real-time data acquisition. Quick-change mechanisms for tooling sets, on-screen sealing press adjustments, machine performance tracking, and ANSI Class 4 safety make Starview machines an excellent choice.

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Products by Starview Packaging Machinery Inc

By Starview Packaging Machinery Inc

Starview’s automatic rotaries are ideal for high production requirements. Machines are offered in six and eight-station designs with standard sealing areas of 14 x 18 and 18 x 24 inches. Rotary machines can be configured to produce all of the pharmaceutical packages including wallet unit dose... Read more »

By Starview Packaging Machinery Inc

Starview’s SB/PH1-1012 shuttle machines are ideal for prototype testing and producing low volumes of samples. These machines are offered as a single manual shuttle with a sealing area of 10 x 12 inches. Tooling for these machines can be configured pharmaceutical package styles including foils... Read more »

By Starview Packaging Machinery Inc

Starview’s SB/PH1-1418 Series single-station floor model shuttle type heat sealers are designed for small to medium volume production requirements. These machines are specifically designed for pharmaceutical wallet or medical applications using foils, medical paper, Tyvek and other heat sealable... Read more »

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