Packsize International, Inc

6440 Wasatch Boulevard, Suite 305
Salt Lake Cty, UT 84121

About Packsize International, Inc

Packsize International, Inc. propels the future of packaging with comprehensive, eco-friendly solutions designed around the needs of businesses and our customers. At the forefront of custom box innovation, we emphasize the right-sizing philosophy, discarding the traditional one-size-fits-all approach in favor of perfect-fit packaging. By integrating advanced tools and software such as the X5, we revolutionize how businesses manage their packaging processes, boosting efficiency while reducing waste— a green initiative challenging the status quo. Packsize's groundbreaking 'Easy-Close' solution, coupled with our strategic partnership with Paccurate, further underscores the company's commitment to sustainability. Through our offerings, we not only reimagine packaging, but also reimagine its potential for synergy between planetary care, business efficacy, and customer satisfaction.

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