1/18/22- Packaging TLB

Products by Resina


    The NRC-20 is a self-contained “In-line” capping system designed for tightening caps or pump/trigger sprayers. This capper is small and compact, allowing you to roll it up to an existing conveyor line with ease. A simple hand crank height adjustment allows for quick and easy changeover without... Read More
  • Resina S-30 Chuck Capper

    The S-30 is a heavy duty, self-contained, automatic, “chuck" style, bottle capping machine. It is specifically designed to be highly versatile, with fast changeover. It will apply caps at a rate of up to 60 per minute, depending upon cap size. The S-30 is available with both standard mechanical... Read More
  • Bulk Cap Hopper Elevator Sorter HES

    • Unique Resina® Crossover cap chute allows the HES to be easily placed into any production line • Elevators with conveyor chains from 6” wide to 36” wide are available with speeds over 600 per minute • 5-11 cu. ft. bulk hopper bins for caps depending on conveyor width The Resina® HES... Read More