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  • Balers By G.F. Puhl

    Let the experts at G.F. Puhl help you size and install the right baler to meet the needs of your production process now and in the future. Choose new balers from industry leaders or select a baler from our used equipment inventory. Reconditioning service also available. Trust G.F. Puhl to help... Read More
  • Bar Fronts/Tops & Backsplashes By Rigidized Metals Corporation

    Bar fronts and bar tops are high traffic, high abuse areas, with the added need to stay clean. Engineered stainless steel surfaces provide durability and strength by hiding dents, dings and scratches, while also being aesthetically pleasing AND hygienic. Backsplashes and countertops are... Read More
  • Bergami KP15 Casepacker Palletizer Combination By Bergami USA

    The Bergami KP Platform is our solution for a combination casepacker/palletizer monoblock. This allows for a more compact end of line solution, fully integrated and at a reduced cost. Read More
  • Bergami TF80/100 By Bergami USA

    The Bergami TF80/100 is a center post style tube filler suitable for speeds up to 100 tubes per minute. Bergami tube fillers feature robust mechanical construction and cam driven mechanical movements. Filling and tube lifting is servo motor controlled with adjustable profile. Positive closing... Read More
  • Blister Packaging Services By Aaron Thomas Company, Inc

    For optimum resistance to damage or theft, fully transparent custom thermoform clamshell packaging or blister packaging are ideal. Offering rigidity and impact resistance not available in other contract packaging options, blisters and clamshells are made-to-order for applications requiring... Read More
  • Blower & Fan Systems By G.F. Puhl

    Rugged and reliable, G.F. Puhl blowers and fans have proven their capabilities on thousands of tough applications. We have over 6,500 in the field and the average lifetime exceeds 20 years! State-of-the art technology and skilled craftsmanship come together in our on-site manufacturing facility... Read More
  • Bottle Feed And Accumulation Turntables By Neumann Packaging Services LLC

    Our bottle feed and accumulation turntables allow time for the operator while feeding bottles onto a production line or packing or accumulating other products at the end of a production line. The turntables include. Adjustable height Robust design Easy to change over Flexible, can run a variety... Read More
  • BottleDyne™ Corona Treatment System By 3DT LLC

    The BottleDyne™ Corona Surface Treatment Systems Utilizing corona discharge, 3DT's self-contained BottleDyne surface treatment system sets new standards for the treatment of bottles and thermoformed containers. It's now possible to corona treat, inline, virtually any extrusion or injection blow... Read More
  • Box Latch By Flow Packaging Sdn Bhd

    Box Latches™ are designed to change the paradigm of how boxes are closed & opened. ​ Box Latch™ Products are reusable alternative to tapes which helps reduce material costs (corrugated box and tape expenses) in the range of 10% to 90% through integration of Box Latch™ Products in supply... Read More
  • Bulk Cap Hopper Elevator Sorter HES By Resina

    • Unique Resina® Crossover cap chute allows the HES to be easily placed into any production line • Elevators with conveyor chains from 6” wide to 36” wide are available with speeds over 600 per minute • 5-11 cu. ft. bulk hopper bins for caps depending on conveyor width The Resina® HES... Read More
  • Bulk Plastic Pallets for Shipping By IGPS Logistics LLC

    If you’re on the hunt for bulk plastic pallets, then chances are good that you already know the limitations of wood platforms in your supply chain. We understand those limitations. In fact, we’ve estimated that about $750 million to $3 billion could be saved on supply chain costs if all... Read More
  • Bundle Wrapping Servicesv By Aaron Thomas Company, Inc

    Ideal for plastic and glass bottles, cans and jars of food, beverage, and household products, Aaron Thomas offers its services to shrink bundle multiple items into combo, variety and rainbow packs. Using print-registered polyethylene film, customers benefit from the opportunity to deliver... Read More