1/18/22- Packaging TLB

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  • "Dry Goods" Products By Harvard Factory Automation (HFA)

    Dry-Goods bins (resin bags), gaylord covers, soft tapered mold chutes, available in 5 sizes (custom sizes also available) and barrel covers. Read More
  • 0.5mm x 15,700ft Water Soluble Thread - 1 Spool (IT118430) By SmartSolve Industries

    SmartSolve water soluble thread is a synthetic yarn belonging to the polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) type. It is easily dissolvable in both warm and hot water without the aid of any chemical agents. The thread has a high rate of shrinkage and a low required dissolving temperature. SmartSolve water... Read More
  • 1. Controlled Substance Packaging By Aphena Pharma Solutions

    Aphena’s facilities are DEA licensed to handle class II-V controlled substances. All controlled substances are secured, handled and stored in accordance with DEA regulations Read More
  • 1075 Rollbagger By Clamco

    The Rollbag™ 1075 is the most cost effective, automatic tabletop rollbag system available. The 1075 is compact, lightweight and utilizes Rollbags™ (pre-opened bags-on-a-roll). Using the latest technological innovations, the 1075 can fill and seal bags significantly faster than manual packaging... Read More
  • 1D barcode and 2D Data Matrix code reading By Cognex

    Cognex is the world leader of image-based ID readers and is the only company that can support all of your 1D barcode and 2D code reading requirements. Cognex DataMan® ID readers can read 1D code symbologies such as UPC, PDF and postal codes, 2D code symbologies such as Data Matrix and QR, or a... Read More
  • 1in. x 30yd. Water Soluble Tape - 4 pack (IT112021S) By SmartSolve Industries

    SmartSolve 1in. x 30yd. Water Soluble Tape is available in a 4-pack and is revolutionary to the hydrographic industry. Use it to mask off sections you want covered, making it the perfect solution for double-dipping. Read More
  • 2 in. x 2 in. Blank 3pt Water Soluble Pouches - 100 Pack (IT117938) By SmartSolve Industries

    SmartSolve 2in. x 2in. Blank 3pt Water Soluble Pouches deliver a pre-portioned product without having to open the package. Pre-heat sealed on three sides, SmartSolve water soluble stock pouches allow the user to conveniently fill with product. After filling, heat sealing the fourth side keeps... Read More
  • 2 Roll Narrow Web Cleaner with Pneumatics By Polymag Tek Inc.

    Polymag® has taken our popular Two Roll Web Cleaner and made a New 2 Roll Web Cleaner with pneumatics. The Web widths can range between 2” and 30” and run maximum speeds of 700 FPM. Our pneumatic cylinders separate the rolls when the machine stops for easy access to rolls. Read More
  • 2. Bottling By Aphena Pharma Solutions

    Aphena offers bottling solutions for solid-dose products: tablets, capsules, caplets, soft gels and gel caps. Our turnkey services include purchasing all of the components, including a broad selection of bottle sizes and resins, cotton or rayon fillers and desiccants, outserts/inserts, CRC or... Read More
  • 255 Series Gift Boxes By Warner Box & Display Co. Inc., LLC

    Tailored two-piece box with metallic sheen. Soft Suede foam inserts. Available in Black/Black, Silver/Black, Blue/Silver, and Gold/Bronze. Read More
  • 2D Barcode Readers and Verifiers By Omron Automation Americas

    Our 2D fixed-mount readers feature the latest technology for decoding both 2D symbols and linear barcodes. Specialty readers are available for high speed reading, ESD-sensitive applications, and decoding the most challenging direct part marks (DPM). Read More
  • 3. Blister Packaging with Cartoning, Heat Seal Cards or Compliance Packaging By Aphena Pharma Solutions

    Aphena offers an array of blister packaging in thermoform and cold-form blisters. Aphena’s new PharmaWorks machines offer state of the art quality system to provide a fast and cost-effective turnaround of each production batch. The automated blister equipment allows for short or long-run... Read More
  • 357 Orbitron By Standard Knapp, Inc.

    The 357 Orbitron™ is a great way to get bottles or cans into cases or pre-formed trays. The overhead flight section guides product into the box continuously, while maintaining a small footprint. Read More
  • 3M Scotchgard Multi-layer Protective Film By 3M Company

    View 3M's new online video to learn more about this proprietary 4-layer film. See how the film instantly peels away graffiti and leaves no residue behind. Fast removal helps transit authorities keep more vehicles in service. Transit Market Applications: - Bus windows - Rail windows - Restroom... Read More
  • 3M™ Products By CS Hyde Company

    CS Hyde Company is a top choice converter of 3M™ Adhesive products including VHB™ Tapes, Transfer adhesives, and specialty plastics laminated with 3M™ adhesives. All of our 3M™ products are available in slit to width rolls, sheets, or die cut parts. Read More
  • 3M™ Tape-Attached Automotive Accerrories By 3M Company

    For over 40 years 3M's automotive attachment tape scientists have kept pace with the ever-changing automotive industry and its wide array of surfaces. The unique construction and relaxation qualities of 3M's automotive attachment tapes provide the automotive industry with some of the strongest... Read More
  • 4 Roll Narrow Web Cleaner with Patented Oscillation By Polymag Tek Inc.

    Polymag® has taken our popular Four Roll Web Cleaner and made a New 4 Roll Web Cleaner with patented tape oscillation. The Web widths can range between 2” and 40” and run maximum speeds of 700 FPM. Our pneumatic cylinders separate the rolls when the machine stops for easy access to rolls. The... Read More
  • 4. Liquid Manufacturing and Packaging By Aphena Pharma Solutions

    Aphena can manage all aspects of your contract manufacturing and package design requirements from custom multi-phase blending to filling your products into bottles, jars, tubes, pouches, unit-dose packs or cups, inhalers, and other custom dispensing designs. Aphena offers a true turnkey... Read More
  • 4000 Series Cement Chains By U S TSUBAKI Inc

    The Union® Chain Division has developed a truly remarkable line of bucket elevator chains designed especially for service in cement plants. These chains provide the highest ultimate and fatigue strengths available for this application. In addition, our innovative barrier seal design in the 4000... Read More
  • 48in Thomas Engineering Accela Coaters, Model 48-M-111 with Air Handling and Spray System 130140 By DJS Enterprises

    2. 48" Thomas Engineering Accela Coaters, Model 48-M-111. Constructed of Stainless Steel and comes with a perforated pan with 4 baffles and controls mounted on front panel. Complete with air handling system and spray system, steam heated. Machine Specs: Floor area: 20 Sq. Ft, Machine Height:... Read More
  • 5. Unit of Use Packaging By Aphena Pharma Solutions

    Aphena supports the Unit-Dose or Single Use Packaging marketspace. We can repackage either solid dose products into 10 count blisters or your liquid products into customize cups all printed with self-identifying data to meet FDA requirement. Aphena has a large offering of different unit-of-use... Read More
  • 552 Med By Clamco

    Designed for ease of validation, the 552 MED is a horizontal band sealer that has been designed with PAC's exclusive alarmed digital seal temperature, speed, and pressure controls to provide the ultimate in seal integrity. It can be used with a wide variety of pouch materials - including... Read More
  • 5950 Series By Warner Box & Display Co. Inc., LLC

    Award winning 3-D suspension see-through packaging and/or display frame with hinged magnetic closure. Read More
  • 5-Layer Tubes By Paramount Global, Inc.

    Paramount Global offers health and beauty tubes for your products. Read More
  • 6-16 ZONE SEQUENTIAL CONTROLLER By Thermoplay S.p.A.

    The new sequential controller is designed to optimize the molding process in critical thermoplastics applications. Each shut off valve is detected and controlled by the system, so the end product is without welding lines, stress or weaken, thus meeting the most strict quality standards. With a... Read More
  • 730 Series Boxes By Warner Box & Display Co. Inc., LLC

    Modern box with flocked foam pad and magnetic closure. Magnet closure reverses to form a display easel. Available colors: Silver/Black, Black/Floral, and Chocolate/Mocha. Read More
  • 8.5 in. x 11 in. Blank 3pt. Water Soluble Paper - 25 Pack (IT117138) By SmartSolve Industries

    Biodegradable and compostable, SmartSolve water soluble paper is a breakthrough technology that dissolves quickly in water, or can biodegrade gradually depending on the amount of water or moisture exposure. SmartSolve's innovative dissolving paper is printable, and can be used for games,... Read More
  • 90 DIGIT Model Solvent Recyclers By NexGen Enviro Systems Inc

    The Resolv-r 2® DIGIT 90 model solvent recycler is available in a 24 gallon batch size. The unit is available in either normal location or ATEX II 2G explosion proof electronics. The operation is user controlled through the 8 bit microprocessor with digital touch screen providing choice of... Read More
  • 939S Versatron By Standard Knapp, Inc.

    A two-axis servo system allows the Versatron Servo Case Packer to actually "catch" the product while it descends into the case. The lift table moves the case to the "up" position and waits for a full grid. When grid is full, the riding strips shift to the side and initiate the bottle descent.... Read More
  • 95 kPa Specimen Bags By DVG Packaging, Inc.

    DVG Packaging's bags are manufactured with an easy-to-use zipper closure to provide a reliable and leak-proof seal. There are three standard sizes available. Each bag contains a back document pouch, along with a margin above the zipper with a notch tear should you require a security seal that... Read More
  • 989 PakMore By Standard Knapp, Inc.

    Standard-Knapp's 989 PakMore™ is a high-speed case packer offering smooth, continuous motion; precise servo product grouping; soft placement of bottles into the case; and automated changeover. The PakMore allows for faster and smoother packaging of bottles in a variety of industries, including... Read More