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  • OptiLedge By Flow Packaging Sdn Bhd

    OptiLedge is a IKEA invented lightweight, L-shaped unit load transport device suitable for replacement to conventional wood pallet especially for odd-size packaged or non-conveyorable products. It can effectively reduce transportation cost and increase sustainability. By using suitable strapping... Read More
  • Overflow Filling Machines By Neumann Packaging Services LLC

    Overflow Filling Machines Fill to a level so the fill levels in the bottles look the same in every bottle. Some times called a cosmetic fill these machines are great for filling inconsistant glass bottles, foamy and thin products. Will fill 2 1/2 gallons bottles down to small... Read More
  • Overwrappers & Bundlewrappers By ENCO Pack Automation Solutions

    CX5 - The Bergami CX5 wrapper is designed with cosmetics in mind with near perfect individual wraps and rapid changeovers. CM40 - The CM40 is Bergami's workhorse with simple mechanical movements and operation. This machine is available for individual wraps and bundlers (small and large).... Read More
  • Overwrapping and Flow Wrapping Services By Aaron Thomas Company, Inc

    Overwrapping offers a more cost-effective means of loosely containing pre-packaged items or printed material in a see-through, opaque or printed tamper-resistant medium. lso known as “fin seal wrapping”, “fin sealing”, “cello wrapping” or even “flow wrapping,” we’ve used this popular packaging... Read More