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  • Sachet Pouch By Paket Corporation

    TYPES Pinch Pouch ℗ Standard 3 or 4 sided seal Pillow-Pack,Stand-up Style Bi, Tri,or Multi-Pack Configurations Towelletes/Wipes NEW! Coupon integrated w/ free-sample Custom Die Cut Dissolveables Frangibles OPTIONS Variety of Pour Spouts Hanger-hole punch Tear Nick Exp/Lot Code... Read More
  • SB/PH1-1418 Shutlle Blister Sealer By Starview Packaging Machinery Inc

    Starview’s SB/PH1-1418 Series single-station floor model shuttle type heat sealers are designed for small to medium volume production requirements. These machines are specifically designed for pharmaceutical wallet or medical applications using foils, medical paper, Tyvek and other heat sealable... Read More
  • SB1-1012 By Starview Packaging Machinery Inc

    Starview’s SB/PH1-1012 shuttle machines are ideal for prototype testing and producing low volumes of samples. These machines are offered as a single manual shuttle with a sealing area of 10 x 12 inches. Tooling for these machines can be configured pharmaceutical package styles including foils... Read More
  • Scoop Feeding & Inserting By Palace Packaging Machines Inc.

    Feed and insert typical product scoops from bulk and into cans, bags, and cartons automatically. Read More
  • Screens and Closures By Rigidized Metals Corporation

    Designed as an alternative to mesh architectural fabrics, Rigidized® Metals’ deep texture perforated screens and closures give the designer a new flexibility when designing for parking structures. Rigidized® Metals’ exclusive panel systems can be used like glazing systems or span multiple... Read More
  • Secondary Packaging By Paket Corporation

    We have extended our level of quality service to go well beyond depositing your product in its primary container. Here are a few ways in which we can accommodate your products: Blister packaging Display case packaging Shrink-wrapping Stretch wrapping Carton packaging POP dispensing packaging Read More
  • selfLan - Pressure Sensitive Labeling Machines By Langguth America Ltd

    selfLAN® 510 provides unmatched flexibility in running pressure sensitive labels with multiple container shapes. selfLAN® 510 uses our robust inline frame with state-of-the-art pressure sensitive heads. Read More
  • Semi-Automatic Filling & Capping By ENCO Pack Automation Solutions

    Do I need to increase my production and decrease my man hours? Do I need better control over filling volume and better consistency? Do I have a new product that is thick or sudsy? Do I need to run small batches? Do I want to grow my company? If so, let us help find the solution for your... Read More
  • Shaped Pouching Services By Aaron Thomas Company, Inc

    Shaped pouching has become increasingly popular for product samples. Imaging offering samples of your product in shaped pouches that match your bottles. We live in a world and age where the marketing industry has greatly evolved. Today, marketing is not merely unidirectional, based on selling a... Read More
  • Shipping Boxes By Big Valley Packaging

    Packing Materials For Cushioning, Protecting, Moving, and Storing We feature a wide array of corrugated box sizes and styles to suit your packaging requirements. Our east coast IL warehouse literally has millions in stock! Our huge selection includes application-specific boxes for moving,... Read More
  • Shredders By G.F. Puhl

    G.F. Puhl sells and installs shredders that provide a quick and efficient way to dispose of a wide variety of paper and corrugated scrap. No matter how demanding your production process, our experts will recommend and install a shredding solution to meet your needs. We sell and install the best... Read More
  • Shrink bagger / shrink hooder By MSK Covertech Inc

    Shrink hood machines create a bag or hood from a continuous tube of gusseted polyethylene film. The MSK under shrink system pulls the film under the load and a heat shrink ring system applies hot air to various points of the pallet (can be tailored for each product) to shrink the film down.... Read More
  • Shrink Film / Shrink Wrap By IPG - Intertape Polymer Group

    IPG began producing polyolefin shrink film in 1993. Over the past 20 years, we have been shrink wrapping products throughout the world with films produced at our manufacturing sites in the US and Portugal. ExlfilmPlus® and Exlfilm® are among the leading lines of premium shrink film in the... Read More
  • Shrink Wapping By Hartness International

    Hartness International offers a complete solution of package design, film consultation and shrink, all vertically integrated into a seamless, state-of-the-art production line. Unlike other shrink providers, the Hartness’ GlobalShrink process starts with package design and innovative film... Read More

    Unique press attachment for running self wound lamination with years of proven experience in the field This unique press attachment allows self wound lamination to run more smoothly, faster and with less apparent noise. The spring loaded tension arm and unique roller design reduces the... Read More
  • Silicone Rubber Sheeting By CS Hyde Company

    CS Hyde Company fabricates and stocks silicone rubber sheeting in variety of different grades, durometers, specifications, and with or without PSA adhesive backing. CS Hyde silicone rubber products are available in sheets, continuous rolls, or custom die cut parts including gaskets, seals,... Read More

    LAPP's SILVYN® Protective Conduit Systems are flexible, strong, durable and suitable for use in various industrial applications. They are resistant to acids, solventsd and are available in an halogen-free version. They are also available in many construction materials including steel... Read More
  • Skid Resistant Paper By Marvatex Inc

    Marvatex Anti Skid paper is made from recycled linerboard and is coated on both sides with an anti skid coating. These sheets keep product from shifting in transit. This paper goes between layers of product and adds stability as well as cohesion to the unitized product. Non slip paper is used... Read More

    Over the years, the SKINTOP® cable gland product line has grown and evolved in many ways. With a product offering that spans both polyamide and metallic options suitable for EMI and even explosive environments, it is possible to find a gland for virtually any industrial application. Not all... Read More
  • Snacks and Nuts Bags By Schur Star Systems, Inc.

    Manufacturers of snacks can benefit from high quality resealable packaging and significantly reduce downtime caused by changeovers in a form/fill/seal operation. Creative shapes make it possible for you to run promotions! We produce packaging in many different film types, including laminates... Read More
  • SOFTAL Corona & Plasma By 3DT LLC

    Adhesion Guaranteed! SOFTAL Corona & Plasma designs and manufactures innovative and powerful corona and plasma surface treatment for paper, plastic, metal and textile surfaces, even plastic boards and foam. Sixty years of surface treating experience have made SOFTAL one of the key players in... Read More
  • Solid Fiber Slipsheets By Marvatex Inc

    Solid Fiber Slipsheets are made up of multiple plies of virgin kraft linerboard that are laminated together. These sheets are used to replace a wooden pallet. Slipsheets are used in conjunction with a push pull attachment. Slipsheets save our customer's money, time, and warehouse space. We... Read More
  • Specialty Films Market – Future Scenario, Key Insights, Top Companies 2026 By Future Market Insights

    Packaging is widely observed as one of the largest marketplace, with products finding applications in several industrial verticals. Specialty films remains a key commodity in the packaging world, and advent of new products entails the use of advanced packaging films. Specialty films are being... Read More

    High strength reinforced woven PP tape with an extremely aggressive adhesive. Repair tape for patching Super Sack containers, bulk bags, FIBC’s, bales, woven fabric and tarps; for strapping and banding of various types of products that require extra strength; for seaming carpet backings for... Read More
  • Spiral Ductwork By G.F. Puhl

    Without the network of ductwork and fittings, trim collection systems are nothing more than a collection of spare parts.That’s why G.F. Puhl fabricates our own heavy-duty fittings and spiral duct for your trim system application. We have the ability to produce spiral duct in dimensions from 3"... Read More
  • ST3L STERILIZATION By ENCO Pack Automation Solutions

    Tunnel for aseptic processing with continuous motion for an untreated vial. - Clean and free of micro-organisms and pyrogens. - Automatic process, without operator intervention - Fast, flexible, efficient and effective Read More
  • Stainless Steel Backsplashes With Texture By Rigidized Metals Corporation

    Backsplashes are functional – they provide an easy-to-clean surface that protects your kitchen application. A distinctive backsplash can also add a splash of decorative accent to your kitchen design. There are no real design rules governing backsplashes. You can wrap it around the entire room to... Read More
  • Stand Up Re-sealable Pouches By Covertech Flexible Packaging – Division of Balcan Plastics

    Covertech Flexible Packaging offers superior quality re-sealable bags in a broad range of sizes, lending practicality and convenience to product storage. Retort and bailable Shaped and stand up for optimal shelf display Various venting technologies Flange and string zipper options ensure... Read More
  • Staticide Topical Anti-Stat By Amstat Industries Inc

    Inhibits Static on All Surfaces Static electricity, a natural phenomenon, is the primary cause of a myriad of problems affecting industry, business and personal life. Read More
  • Stick Pack Packaging Services By Aaron Thomas Company, Inc

    Stick packs are a type of flexible pouch suitable for food packaging. Stick packaging gets its name from its shape, which is long and skinny like a stick of gum. The packs themselves are sealed on two shorts ends and have a seal down the back. They are a specific form of vertical fill, form and... Read More
  • Strapping Seal By Nelson-Jameson, Inc.

    Most common plastic seal. Allows seal to be placed on after tensioning has occurred. Use for polypropylene. Regular-duty strength and electro galvanized. No Assembly requirement. 1/2" open. Metal is 0.25" thick. Read More
  • Stretch Hood Machine By MSK Covertech Inc

    Stretch hood machines create a hood or bag from a continuous gusseted polyethylene tube. We gather the hood or bag and stretch it horizontally, then apply the hood to the pallet load vertically and stretch the film downward. This gives you load to pallet unitization, somewhat similar to... Read More
  • Stretch Wrap By Nelson-Jameson, Inc.

    High-performance, multi-layered cast hand wrap for manual warehouse applications and A, B, and C loads. Features clear film for accurate barcode scanning and identifying items. Easily and quietly comes off the roll, features excellent puncture resistance, and film stiffness for high load... Read More
  • Super Kube By M & M Industries

    A versatile cost-effective FDA-grade polypropylene pail that is lightweight for general use and available in clear and colors. Cost Effective Lightweight FDA Grade Standard Color - White/Clear (Colors Offered) IML Decoration Available Easy Pour Bottom Grips Double Ring Pull Tab for Easy... Read More
  • Supplement Packaging By Assemblies Unlimited, Inc.

    Assemblies Unlimited has developed a particular expertise in supplement packaging including capsules, powders, foil blistering, card blistering, bottling, pouching, gummy supplements, protein powders, nutraceuticals and much more. Read More