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Machine Components

  • 3DT LLC

    The Power to Adhere
    SOFTAL: Adhesion Guaranteed! SOFTAL designs and manufactures innovative and powerful corona and plasma surface treatment for paper, plastic, metal and textile surfaces, even plastic boards and foam. Fifty years of surface treating experience have made SOFTAL one of the key players in this industry....
  • Lapp USA

    Your Partner in High Performance Cabling Technologies
    Profibus Flexing/Static Cordsets: Flexing: These pretested, molded cordsets utilize high quality continuous flex cable and integral molded strain relief. They are designed to provide interconnection between simple devices, such as sensors and actuators and high level devices, such as PLCs and computers, in high motion...
  • Diversified Plastics, Inc.

    Diversified Plastics, Inc. is a family business started by Rod Reid in his garage in 1976. The company began as a supplier of engineered plastic wear strips for lumber and pulp mills in the area around Missoula, Montana. From those humble beginnings, Diversified Plastics has grown to become a...
  • Halder Inc.

  • Control Concepts, Inc.

    Powerful, quick, pulses of compressed air forces the Airsweep valve open, directing high-pressure, high-volume bursts of air between the inside vessel wall and the stored material, initiating and maintaining steady flow.
  • Performance Motion Devices

    Magellan® ICs: The Magellan® Family of motion control ICs provides high-performance chip-based motion control for multiple motor types, such as Servo motors and drives. Available in 1, 2, 3, and 4-axis versions, these flexible, programmable devices control Brushless DC, step, and DC Brush motors. Magellan ICs...
  • Amstat Industries Inc

    Static control devices including Alpha and Corona bars, fans and air guns. Amstat also has solutions including Chemical and passive devices as well as meters, mats and wearables.
  • Preco, Inc.

    Laser systems and contract manufacturing services
  • Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions

    Hyde manufactures a wide range of machine knives/blades used in packaging operations. All operations are done in-house under our ISO 9001:2015 registered system.
  • MISUMI USA, Inc.

    MISUMI Group currently serves over 240,000 customers worldwide by supplying mechanical components for factory automation, press die and plastic mold components, cutting tools and gauges. MISUMI’s products are seen in a diverse range of industries including automotive, appliance, semi-conductor,...