Special Product Modification (18 companies found)

Special Product Modification

  • 3DT LLC

    The Power to Adhere
    FlexiDyne™ Corona Treatment System: Now you can expand your competitive edge. FlexiDyne is a compact, self-contained floor model Corona treating system that is capable of treating most 3-dimensional plastic parts. Any non-metallic items that will fit through FlexiDyne's 12" wide by 1.5" high opening can receive uniform Corona...
  • ITW IDS Division (ITW CER, ITW Morlock, Trans Tech, United Silicone)

    Industrial Decorating Solutions (IDS) is a worldwide division of ITW that continuously develops and manufactures a wide array of foils, inks, pads, plates, and transfers, as well as a full spectrum of decorating equipment - Pad Print, Hot Stamp, Heat Transfer, and Heat Seal - offering customers...
  • Glatt Air Techniques , Inc.

    From the first pharmaceutical fluid bed system to the global market leader for integrated process technology, for over 50 years, Glatt is a provider of solids processing equipment including fluid-bed systems, high shear granulators, tablet coaters, sieves/mills, bin blenders and complete systems...
  • Allison Systems Corp

    Allison Systems Corporation, an ISO 9001:2015 registered company, is a leading manufacturer of doctor blades and related products. With the capability to produce a variety of edge configurations on metal, composite and plastic materials. We can supply the best performing blade for your...
  • American Process Systems-Member Eirich Group

  • Unitherm Food Systems Inc

  • Lyco Manufacturing, Inc

    Many of the biggest names in Poultry trust Lyco for their processing and wastewater needs. Our passion since 1980 has been in developing and building the best customer-aligned, innovative food processing machinery using lean manufacturing principles. The proof of world class is in the...
  • Stainless Specialists Inc

    Specialty equipment design, manufacturing, installation, machine parts replacement and improvement, HVAC, plumbing, process improvement, and maintenance services. SSi takes pride in meeting your most sophisticated technical requirements and demanding time schedules.
  • Aurizon Ultrasonics

    Aurizon Ultrasonics designs and manufactures high-power rotary ultrasonic systems for bonding films and other materials. Aurizon's rotary platforms can be customized in several ways to provide solutions for vertical and horizontal package sealing/cutting, pouch sealing, zipper crushing, and...
  • Urschel Laboratories Inc