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Coding and Marking

  • Schur Star Systems, Inc.

    Bagging Equipment | Schur Star USA | Manual, semi or automatic filling
    We are offering packaging, packaging machines, packaging systems, and knowhow. Schur has a staff of approx. 850 persons employed at factories in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, Australia and the USA.
  • Langguth America Ltd

    High Speed Inline, Rotary, Roll-Fed Labelers, and Pail Denesters
    Into its 8th decade LANGGUTH GmbH is a family owned manufacturer of tailor made labeling and container handling equipment. Known for quality and innovative designs, LANGGUTH exports more than 60% of sales through 40 agents around the globe. LANGGUTH's guiding principles are expressed...
  • Omron Microscan Systems

    LVS-9585 Handheld Barcode Verifier for Direct Part Marks and Printed Labels: The LVS-9585 handheld barcode verifier adds advanced lighting options and powerful software functionality. The new auto-find feature enables users to automatically find the DPM symbol within the verifier field of view, and cycle through the lighting settings to find the lighting type that works...
  • Leading Marks LLC

    Distributor of industrial marking solutions ranging from hand-held marking devices to fully-automated systems. Technologies include direct-part marking (lasers, dot peen, scribe), ink marking and thermal transfer labeling for small short-run requirements up to in-line processes.
  • Comtech North America LLC

  • Automated Laser

  • Custom Machine and Tool Co. Inc

  • Pak-Tec Inc.

  • Superior Joinhing Technology Inc

  • Purex Inc