Dust Collection Systems (4 companies found)

This category contains companies that design, manufacture, distribute and install industrial dust collection systems for the woodworking, metalworking, plastics, packaging, and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. These companies offer a variety of turnkey or custom dust collection systems and components including: cyclone separators; industrial HEPA filters; baghouses, fans and blowers; filtration vacuums; manifolds; hoods; rotary air locks; filter systems and much more. These dust collection systems and products increase equipment longevity, employee safety, and air quality of your facility. These companies’ dust collection systems and components vary in their filtration capacities and capabilities, from small mobile dust collection vacuums to facility-wide dust collection systems capable of filtering thousands of cubic feet per minute (CFMs). Additionally, many of these companies offer custom design and installation of their products. Click one of the links below to view that company’s dust collection systems and products or to locate contact phone and email contact information in order to discuss your industry’s particular air movement requirements.

  • G.F. Puhl

    Filter Units: Filters do more than just separate dust from the air used to convey it. Filters protect the safety of your employees. That’s why G.F. Puhl filter units are designed to solve a broad range of industrial dust collection problems. Expect continuous service with minimum downtime. Operation is fully...
  • Hocker North America

  • Delta Neu

  • Rees Memphis Inc.

    Rees-Memphis designs and builds complete industrial air systems, providing all equipment and air system components. We specialize in dust collection systems, pneumatic conveying systems, scrap handling systems, waste transfer systems, material load out systems, and ventilation systems. All...