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Manufacturer of pneumatic edge guiding systems for the converting industry worldwide. Since 1992, COAST CONTROLS INC has been an industry leader, pioneering the world's only all-air web guide systems for the converting industry, reflecting our dedication to innovation and excellence. Our systems, designed to operate solely on low-pressure air, eliminate the need for electricity, electronics, or hydraulics, setting a new industry standard for operational safety and environmental consciousness. Committed to reliability, our product line extends to electromechanical systems, providing comprehensive solutions for almost any application, backed by an unmatched 10-year warranty. COAST CONTROLS INC meets diverse needs with three types of idler rollers – aluminum, steel, and stainless steel – each available in various coatings to cater to specific requirements. With our emphasis on pioneering technology, precision guidance, and customer-focused solutions, we craft web guide systems that exemplify efficiency and durability.




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